20dBm GSM+WCDMA Dualband Intelligent Repeater


1、Antenna isolation testing  2、Automatic gain control
3、Intelligent mode setting   4、Low interference
5、 Prevent the oscillation   6、Cost-effective for practical solutions
7、Support MGCM25

Standard Package:
1) Power supply adapter 1 unit
2) AC power plug (USA/EU/Swiss/UK/SA/China standard etc) 1unit
3) Installation kit 1unit
4) User manual 1unit

Recommended Accessories:
1)Donor(outdoor) antenna:Patch Antenna(8.5dBi 806-960/1710-2700MHz)
2)Service(indoor) antenna: Omni Ceiling Antenna (3dBi,806-960/1710-2700MHz)
3)2*10m of 50Ω-5 coaxial cable with 2 connecters.Or 2*15m of 50Ω-5 coaxial cable with 2 connecters.

20dbm GSM/WCDMA Dualband Intelligent Signal Booster/Amplifier/Repeater


Electrical Specification Model Number: GCPR-GW20
GSM Uplink Downlink
Frequency Range EGSMBand 890-915MHz 935-960MHz
Maximum Gain 65dB±3dB 70dB±3dB
Gain Flatness ≤6dB(P-P)
Output Power   18dBm±2dB 20dBm±2dB
Intermodulation Products 9KHz~1GHz ≥18dBm/ total output power  ≥45dBc
1GHz~12.75GHz ≤ -30dBm
Spurious Emission 9KHz~1GHz ≤ -36dBm 
1GHz~12.75GHz ≤ -30dBm
WCDMA Uplink Downlink
Frequency Range                         1920-1980 MHZ 2110-2170 MHZ
Maximum Gain ≤ -36dBm  70dB±3dB
Gain Flatness ≤11dB(P-P) ≤11dB(P-P)
Output Power   18dBm±2dB 20dBm±2dB
Intermodulation Products 9KHz~1GHz ≤ -36dBm/1 kHz
1GHz~12.75GHz ≤ -30dBm ≤ -30dBm
9kHz~150KHz ≤ -36dBm/1 kHz
150kHz~30MHz ≤ -36dBm/10 kHz
30MHz~1GHz ≤ -36dBm/100 kHz
1 GHz ~ Flow - 10 MHz  ≤ -30dBm/1 MHz
Flow - 10 MHz ~ Fhigh + 10 MHz ≤ -15dBm/1 MHz
Fhigh + 10 MHz ~12.75 GHz ≤ -30dBm/1 MHz
Manual Gain Control  25dB in step of 1dB 
Automatic Gain Control ≥20dB 
Max. Input Power Without Damage ≥0dBm
Noise Figure ≤ 8dB 
VSWR ≤2.0
Group Delay ≤ 1μs
Power Consumption ≤ 22W
Power Supply DC 4A/9V 
2、Mechanical specification
Dimensions 191*296*76mm
Weight  ≤ 4.5kg
I/O Connector/ Impedance N-female / (Nominal)50Ω 
3、Environmental specification
IP Rating IP30
Operating Temperature -10℃~50℃
4, specification     
2、Alarm specification
LED indication Power LED DC ON/OFF
Alarm LED Antenna isolation is  lower than the isolation for equipment installation
Or  ALC1~5dB,red 

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