Industrial Single band full band repeater with LCD

Repeater with touch screen support Single Wide band
or Band selective System(15dbm-30dbm)

1. 5 bars of the output signal strength indication , which shows you the maximum output power of the repeater. Each signal bar represents 5dB.
2. The specific value of the input signal strength measured in dBm, tell us the exact input signal level.
3. Shows the UL&DL central frequency of the supporting system.
4. Antenna Isolation Detection. When first power on the repeater, the repeater will detect the oscillation automatically between the outdoor antenna and indoor antenna.
5. Uplink Sleep Mode. The uplink of the repeater is in standby mode when there is no call or data transmission. It will activate immediately when a call a data session is initiated.
6. Show the UL maximum gain.
7. Show the DL maximum gain.
8. Enter for selection or confirm the settings.
9. Back to the previous page or cancel the settings.

10. Increase the gain or upward adjusting the central frequency.

11. Decrease the gain or downward adjusting the central frequency.

12. Smart function. The repeater could set the gain automatically to prevent the Alarm. Press this icon to turn ON or turn OFF this function.
15-30dbm Series Band Fullband Repeater(LCD Touch Panel)
--Industrial type
Electrical specification   Uplink Downlink
Frequency Range CDMA800 824 ~ 849 MHz 869 ~ 894 MHz
CDMA1900 1850 ~ 1910 MHz 1930 ~ 1990 MHz
GSM850 824 ~ 849 MHz 869 ~ 894 MHz
GSM&GSM 880 ~ 915 MHz 925 ~ 960 MHz
DCS 1710 ~ 1785 MHz 1805 ~ 1880 MHz
PCS 1850 ~ 1910 MHz 1930 ~ 1990 MHz
WCDMA 1920 ~ 1980 MHz 2110 ~ 2170 MHz
AWS 1710 ~ 1755 MHz 2110 ~ 2155 MHz
LTE700 700 MHz( A, B, C, D band optional)
LTE800 832-862 MHz 791-821 MHz
LTE2600 2500 ~ 2550 MHz 2620 ~ 2670 MHz
Max .Output Power GCPR-15  ≥12dBm  ≥15dBm
GCPR-20  ≥15dBm  ≥20dBm
GCPR-23  ≥15dBm  ≥23dBm
GCPR-27  20dBm  27dBm
GCPR-30  ≥20dBm  ≥30dBm
Max .Gain GCPR-15  65dB  70dB
GCPR-20  70dB  70dB
GCPR-23  70dB  75dB
GCPR-27  75dB  80dB
GCPR-30  75dB  80dB
Bandwidth Wide Band
Maximum Input Power  0dBm
MGCStep Attenuationvia touch panel  31dB / 1dB step
Automatic Level Control                                 20dB
Passband Ripple 5dB
Out of Band Gain 2.7≦f_offset<3.5MHz <60dB
3.5f_offset7.5MHz <45dB
7.5f_offset12.5MHz <45dB
12.5f_offset <35dB
Spurious Emission 9kHz~150KHz  -36dBm/1 kHz
150kHz~30MHz  -36dBm/10 kHz
30MHz~1GHz  -36dBm/100 kHz
1 GHz ~ Flow - 10 MHz  -30dBm/1 MHz
Flow - 10 MHz ~ Fhigh + 10 MHz  -15dBm/1 MHz
Fhigh + 10 MHz ~12.75 GHz  -30dBm/1 MHz
ACRR 20dBc/30KHz@±5MHz
Frequency stability ≤ 0.01ppm
Error Vector Magnitude  12.5%
Peak Code Domain Error -35dB@Spreading Factor 256
Noise Figure  ≤6dB
V.S.W.R ≤ 2.0
Group Delay ≤ 5μs
Power Consumption ≤10W
Cooling Heatsink Convection cooling
Intelligent Functions Standard
ISO(Donor antenna and Service antenna) Flickering per 1s when the Isolation is not enough; it lights up when is normal.
Uplink Sleep Mode Flickering per 1s when there is no users in the coverage. 
The uplink circuit will shut off, and the ground noise will be less than -70dBm.
Light up when there are users in the coverage.
Smart Mode Automatically adjust the gain in both links according to the specific environment. 
Input and Output signal strength Shown Input signal strength with numerial number.
Shown Output signal strength with signal bars. 
LED  Alarm Standard
Power LED Green @ Normal work
ALC LED  Orange @ ALC 1~5dB, Red @ ALC 20dB~25dB
Mechanical  Specifications Standard
I /O Port N-Female
Impedance  50 ohm
Operating Temperature -10~+55
Environment Conditions IP40
Dimensions 150*210*36mm
Weight 2.5KG
Power Supply Input AC100~240V,output DC 12V / 3A

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