15dBm EGSM+DCS+UMTS Tri Band Movable band Repeater

movable frequency by LED digital display panel,no need to connect computer.
1. very low consumption, 5V,1.5A
2. can choose different signal strength from different operator.
3. Real-time display output power
4. uplink and downlink have ATT, ALC
5. PLL, Output power, AGC , temperature Alarm
Items Uplink Downlink
Frequency Range EGSM 880~915MHz 925~960MHz
Frequency Range DCS 1710-1785MHz 1805-1880MHz
Frequency Range WCDMA 1920-1980MHz 2110-2170MHz
Bandwidth(Movable) 10MHz 10MHz
Center Frequency Adjustment Step 1MHz 1MHz
Output Power 12±2dBm 15±2dBm
Gain 60±3dB 65±3dB
Ripple ≤6dB ≤6dB
VSWR ≤2  ≤2
Max. Input Power Without Damage -10dBm -10dBm
ATT step of 1dB 1 ~ 10dB ∣△∣≤1dB ∣△∣≤1dB
10 ~ 20dB ∣△∣≤1dB ∣△∣≤1dB
20 ~ 25dB ∣△∣≤1.5dB ∣△∣≤1.5dB
ALC Active 10dB ∣△∣≤2dB ∣△∣≤2dB
Out of Band Gain ±5MHz ≤ 30dB ≤ 35dB
Intermodulation Products ≤ -40dBc ≤ -40dBc
Spurious Emission 9KHz~1GHz ≤ -30dBm ≤ -30dBm
1GHz~12.75GHz ≤ -30dBm ≤ -30dBm
Noise Figure @ max. gain ≤ 8dB ≤ 8dB
Time Delay ≤ 5μs ≤ 5μs
Alarm ALC not Active Blue Blue
ALC Active 5-10dB Orange Orange
ALC Active 15-20dB   Red   Red
broken No Light
self-excitation Red flashes
Run normal Blue
self-excitation Red
Power Supply AC100V ~ 240V to 5V
Power Consumption ≤30W
Dimensions 268mmx325mmx120mm
Weight 12kg
RF Connector N-Female
Environment Conditions IP40
Humidity < 90%
Operating Temperature -10℃~+55℃

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